Cheryl L. Sattler, J.D., Ph.D., is well-known as a writer who takes complex material and makes it both understandable and enjoyable. She began her career by writing two books in the sociology of education, then authored numerous evaluation reports for diverse science education, professional development, informal learning, rural scientific lab networks, and grant processes.

She also wrote both the Title I Monitor and the Title I Handbook from 1999-2003 for Thompson Publishing Group. Both publications were designed to assist federal program practitioners in understanding law and regulation and to identify promising practices in the field of compensatory education.

Sattler’s latest publications are two “how-to” guides for federal program directors at both the district and school level. Let’s Talk Title I is in its 3rd edition, fully updated for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Understanding Federal Education Requirements for Students in Foster Care, first published in 2020, relies on Sattler’s legal work with students in foster care – including students with disabilities, immigrant students, and students who speak other languages and brings together concepts from social work and education to help professionals in each field better understand the other so that the whole child is served.